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Offers quality premises with skilled and professional staff which guarantees top accomodation and service.

* sport and entertainment content within the center providing comfort where the continental and mediteranean climates meet, 650 –750 meters above sea level.

* is located on a plateau in the middle of a pine forest with a lake of 4000 square meters providing relaxation and rest.

* Geographically speaking, on a wider perspective, the center is located around 110km from Sarajevo, Mostar and Banja Luka, 160km from Split, 70 km from Medugorje, 40km from Jajce, and only 5km from the ancient town of Prusac and shrine Ajvatovica.

* contains professional and quality sports facilities:

** soccer field of professional dimensions with excellent grass surface
** handball field
** field for footsall
** field for basketball and volleyball
** running tracks through the pine forest 10 km in length with various terrain inclinations.
** swimming pool of 300 square meters filled with water which, according to analysis, was found to be medicinal.
** well equiped fitness club
** hunters lodged - ideal for foto-hunting
** surrounded by flore and fauna in an untarnished natural surrounds with a rich collection of medicinal herbs.
** picnic areas
** possibility of organised rural tourism for consumption of national cuisine.

These sports facilities enable training and preparation for professional and amateur temas of various sports
as well as organised competitions.


* Offers a restaurant with a national cuisine, located in a comfortable surrounding of the old water mill.
* contains a museum collection of numerous historical objects used in households and craftsmaship in this area in the past.
* Offers rooms for rent in an ambient of the old Bosnian building and sounds of the waterfall of a nearby water mill.
* Offers entertainment content including billiards and darts
* Offers services of an internet club.
* Garden surrounds with a waterfall.

All of the above includes safe and secure parking spaces in the strict center of town for all forms of vehicle.


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