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Tourist Sports Recreation Center


The Center is located on a plateu in the midst of a pine forrest enclosing the Youth Hotel "Karalinka", sports grounds, running tracks, swimming pool, a fishing lake, and hunters lodge ( for photo-hunting ).
The Youth Hotel "Karalinka" is located on road M-17, linking Bugojno and Split. It is found 1.5km from the center of Bugojno, Ul. Karalinka, 70230 Bugojno, Bosnia. The Youth Hotel "Karalinka" offers a variety of services such as:
comfortable lodging, bar, summer gardens, meeting/seminar hall, fitness club, ensuring a perfect stay for groups or individuals. The natural surrounds are complimented with isolated, untarnished flora and fauna in ideal climate conditions.



Pansion "MLIN" is located in the strict center of town, close to the "Cultural Sports Center".
Pansion "MLIN" offers a variety of content, including a bar, restaurant, national cuisine in the surrounds of a "Bosnian house" and an old water mill ( Ul. Sultan Ahemdova br 53, Bugojno 70230, Bosnia )
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